About Us

Guttersweep Australia was established in the early 1990's in South Australia and today still remains a family owned and operated business.
In the 1990's a vacuum system was used to clear the gutters of debris. The founders discovered in time that this clearing system was cumbersome and quite time consuming for domestic homes. Specialised tools were handmade and designed to manually clear the gutters and over time these hand made tools have been refined and today work extremely well in providing the clients with a clear and clean gutter with no damage to the gutter.
Today we still use the specialised tools for domestic gutter cleaning and where applicable may also utilise our commercial grade vacuum system.
For commercial sites we use our vacuum system only (photos available for viewing within our website), however all vacuum systems struggle with gum litter due to twigs getting caught within the piping creating blockage (like sucking pencils through a normal household vacuum cleaner) in which case we would revert to our hand tools.
Many of our clients have been clients of the business since its inception and their loyalty continues today. Customer Service is our priority and focus.
Clean Gutters = Customer Satisfaction
High rise gutter clean
High rise gutter cleaning
High rise gutter clean
Vacuum / Pressure cleaning unit